Liedewij van Eijk (1991) is a visual researcher pur sang who observes and investigates the hidden beauty and complexity in daily behaviour. In her work, the concept defines the medium. This ranges from photography, video, installation and performance, to large projects with hundreds of participants.

At the age of sixteen Van Eijk was scouted at an introductory course at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Arnhem. On invitation, she started in 2008 as the youngest Fine Art student that year and graduated in 2012 with her first big project SchaakHond: a series of videos in which dogs form patterns through their motion. In 2016, the video SchaakHond has won the ‘One Minutes China Contest’ on Shanghai Dragon Television.

After graduating, Van Eijk moved to Lisbon and worked with various filmmakers (Vitor Moreira (PT), MPAGDP (PT), Tiago Rosa-Rosso (PT)), dancers and performance artists (João Fiadeiro, Inês Cartaxo, Luara Learth Moreira).


Together with project space circa…dit she realised Dichterbij (2017), a performance where Van Eijk and Daniel Pizamiglio drew all their thoughts on the inside of two paper cocoons, in which they lived during the 24-hour performance.

The most recent project Peeling an Egg (2018) consists of 360 participants who were registered while peeling an egg. Van Eijk analysed all videos and remaining eggshells. Out of the collected data and in collaboration with Rob van Lier, Arno Koning, Sara Fabbri and Eline van Petersen from Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour, and Eline Van Geert from KU Leuven emerged an ever-growing representation of an action that is often overlooked.